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Industry Leading- TREE SERVICES

Let's get straight to it! Trees are awesome, beautiful, useful, and fun to climb, but, they also can be dangerous! 

Trees that are not regularly maintained can create chaos and damage structures or even worse cause injury! 

Southern Turf, by using the most cutting edge tree science and equipment available, has the ability to not only remove trees safely and quickly, but have other solutions that can actually protect the trees from becoming a threat and assist them on reaching their fullest potential!

​​Knowing where to cut is just as important as knowing how to cut. We go over the trim plan for each tree to ensure your trees are trimmed correctly as well as safely.
IMG_2815 2.JPG

Each removal we do is inspected prior to crews showing up by our Board Certified Arborist in order to ensure we know why the tree died or is a hazard as well as that there is nothing that we can do to save the tree and make it worthwhile keeping. 


Stump Grinding
GET RID OF THOSE STUMPS! Plenty of reasons to add stump grinding to your next project and with our high powered remote controlled grinder we can grind those stumps fast and deep!

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